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"My car broke down and I need money to fix it fast. I couldn't wait for my paycheck, so I went online. Most payday loan companies want you to fax in your application, which I couldn't do.

"I live out in the country, and the nearest fax machine is 20 miles away. Luckily, I found The Faxless Payday. They got me the cash I needed without me even having to leave the house."

- Ruth, Salesperson

"I've got some money problems and am embarrassed by that, so when I needed to get a quick loan, privacy was the key for me. I was wary of who to trust. The Faxless Payday was great because they got me the money fast, but also because they took the time to explain how their program worked. I paid them back when I got my next check and that was that."

- Caleb, Bank Teller

"Usually I am good about money, but a few months ago a couple of problems came up. First, I got hurt and my insurance covered only part of the hospital bill. Then the water heater broke and I had to replace it.

" I make enough money to get by, but rent was due in a day and I was short $400. I got in touch with The Faxless Payday and they sent me a cash loan with no credit check or delays. Their fast service got me through this situation."

- Yolanda, Bus Driver

"I am lucky that I found The Faxless Payday online. I needed cash fast, but also wanted to make sure I wasn't getting taken advantage of. Their staff answered all my questions before I had to commit to anything.

"That was nice for me, because I was going through some tough times and was a little confused at first about how it worked. They explained everything about the process and answered my questions in detail. They made it easy."

- Michael, Customer Service Manager

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